Happy Home Maid Service

"A Happy Home Is A Clean Home"

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* beds are made and linens changed if needed

* tops and front of furniture dusted

* knick knacks and frames dusted


                                                 *Windowsills/baseboards wiped

                                                 *blinds dusted

                                                 *floors vacuumed/swept/mopped

                                                 *trash emptied






fronts and tops of appliances cleaned and sanitized

* front of microwave cleaned

* countertops disinfected 

* sinks scrubbed 

*fixtures made to shine

                                          *sliding/French doors windexed

                                          *windowsills/baseboards wiped

                                           *floors swept and mopped

                                          *trash emptied

                                          *blinds dusted





                                   Living Rooms/Dining Rooms

                                   * Couches/chairs cleaned and vacuumed 

                                   * cushions fluffed

                                   * knick knacks dusted 

                                   * Furniture dusted

                                   * windowsills wiped

                                   * floors vacuumed and cleaned 


                                  *Toilets disinfected and cleaned

                                  *Tubs and showers scrubbed

                                  *Mirrors made to shine

                                  *Counter tops wiped

                                  *Hardware polished

                                  *Windowsills and baseboards dusted

                                  * Trash emptied

                                  *Floors swept and mopped




                                 Other areas but not limited to

                                   * mud rooms

                                   * stairs and hallways 

                                   * playrooms

Other services are always welcome and available upon request

We bring our  own supplies but will use yours at your request